Michael Wells was the Founder and Executive Director of Abiding Life Ministries International. Until his passing in 2011, Michael was ministering around the world, often in areas of great oppression. Often his life was in danger, but through his own weakness and need for the One through Whom all is possible, many great truths where revealed to him. These books and recorded messages will continue to help people in their struggles and bring them back to a personal relationship with the indwelling Christ.     



Heavenly Discipleship - Generally the concept of discipleship follows a consistent model. First the determination is made about what is lacking in a disciple, and then attempts begin to try to fill that insufficiency. in short, discipleship has deteriorated to the effort of putting something into a person. Heavenly discipleship begins with a different paradigm. First, it believes that the fullness of Christ exists in every believer, and second, the task of every disciple-maker is to reveal that great truth. Discipleship is not putting Christ or His characteristics into a person but rather revealing the Christ that dwells in a person. It is not working for but from. When a disciple works for what he already has, he will lose that which he has. After many years of discipling struggling Christians, Michael Wells, an international speaker, shares the secret of "Christ in you, the hope of glory" and the true approach to discipleship.
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My Weakness for His Strength - I would ask that those who read this book would begin to pray that they would be weaker Christians next year than they are this year. I have found it to be true that the wrong thing is said so long that it starts to sound right. The Christian faith is not in need of strong people but rather those that are weak. It has been proven that a Christian never fails at his point of weakness but at his point of strength. Weakness makes me aware that I am not God, there is a God, and I am in deep need of Him for my daily life. If Jesus said that apart from the Father He could do nothing, could any believer imagine himself in a stronger place than the one in which Christ found Himself? There is a misconception that if we give God our best, He will give us His best. Scripture does not support that notion. His strength is safeguarded in our weakness, just as His perfection is revealed in our imperfection.
This is a devotional book about the weakness of man and the strength of God that is revealed through it. It is written to encourage those who thought they were taken out but will discover they will be taken in. It is written to those who have been taken down to discover that God really wanted to bring them up. It is written to those who first abhorred the cross until they discovered the crown. My weakness for His strength is a concept that angels would long to understand. The Christian religion made by man sets standards that are impossible to keep, because success rests at the feet of man. You will not find a hint of religion in this book. The Christian faith, which centers in Jesus, not only acknowledges the weakness of man but reveals God's strength manifested through him. This book, My Weakness for His Strength, Volume 1, will make that case abundantly. Please enjoy as you discover that you are much better off than the "Christian religion" ever let you know.
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Problems, God's Presence, & Prayer -  Christians have just as many problems as anyone else. Financial concerns, marital discord, illness, loneliness, church splits; you name it, Christians have them. 
In this book, Michael Wells shows how you can experience the joy of a closer walk with God. Through Bible teaching and real life examples, he shows how our loving Father uses problems to draw us nearer to Him in faith, not to push us away from Him in rejection. We will discover that we often prolong a trial because we trust in our own methods of coping - arguing, depression, hard work, or anger, for example - instead of surrendering total control of the situation to God.
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Sidetracked In The Wilderness -  Are you discouraged about your spiritual progress? Do you wonder what Jesus was talking about when He spoke of the abundant life? Are you struggling with defeat...... conflict in your relationships...... sinful practices that you just can't conquer? If the answer is "yes," the late Michael Wells through this book has some good news: There is a way out!
Sidetracked in The Wilderness will help you get on the road to a consistent Christian walk. Beginning with the "Lost and Found and Lost Again," the author guides you back to simplicity of faith by setting forth principles and promises of the Gospels. in this hope-filled, inspiring book, Wells also writes candidly of his own struggles and tells how he "regained the lost simplicity of faith and repossessed the joy that is mine in Christ."
Starting today you can transform your life from one marked by frustration, mediocrity, and failure, to one of joy, purpose, and enthusiasm.Turn to the pages of Sidetracked In The Wilderness. You'll discover the way back to a deep abiding faith.
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Untold Stories & Unknown Saints - Over two decades ago, Michael Wells was inspired by a thought: "In a lesser time in history, God used great men. However, in the greatest time in history, God used the weak man." This thought soon bacame an integral part of his calling. For the next twenty years, Michael would travel to the remote regions of the world to discover, minister with, and be ministered to by the weak.
Paul's statement that "Power is perfected in weakness" began to be proven to him, not only through observing believers in remote regions, but also through experience in his own life. God has a school in which the weak are prepared and trained to discover the power of God.
The school is not a seminary, Bible school, church class, or spectacular meeting; God's place of training is a bad marriage, rebellious children, repetitious habits, poverty, hunger, oppression, opposition, and every conceivable negative situation. God is only as big as a person's needs, and from great need is birthed faith in a greater God.
From his own travel journals, Michael shares with readers some personal stories of God's saints and the "natural" events that later revealed themselves to be quite supernatural.
Untold Stories and Unknown Saints is an inspiring look at the love of God operating in the lives of those whose stories might otherwise have remained hidden. Read along and discover that your own life is much more supernatural than you had imagined!   



Abiding Life In A Capsule - Exciting - inspiring - extremely practical and refreshingly different, “Abiding Life in a Capsule” is an attempt to condense a 40-hour teaching programme into two sessions! This is a journey that will encourage and uplift  - the basics of the message Mike has taught all over the world. This message is profoundly simple, yet simply profound. It will witness to your spirit, and you will know its truth, for it is all about Jesus.  He is still in the business of transforming human nature, for there is nothing that His “nearness” cannot resolve.

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Bury Your Marriage - All marriages face crisis. There are a number of alternatives: put up with it, terminate it, or bury it! In his typical style (profoundly simple but simply profound), Mike takes the fundamental Biblical principles of marriage, injects his understanding of human nature as an accredited psychologist, and opens doors to a way of transforming marriage into the dimension of life that God intended marriage to be.

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Faith, We Have A God - Why do we struggle with faith? What is faith? How is it manifested?  Faith is easy when I don’t need God, but when our world falls apart, God seems on the other side of the moon! Faith: We Have a God! is an explanation of how faith is manifested in the life of a believer, and how that faith is for everyone, even the very weakest. This 4 CD Set takes us outside the box of sterile existence, pointing how to run and not be weary, and to walk and not faint.

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Keeping The Focus -The heart of Abiding Life Ministries International (ALMI) is to focus on Jesus Christ. And so would say almost every other Christian entity. But such focus must be more than a corporate activity: Keeping the Focus takes us on the journey whereby our moment-by-moment daily lifestyle is focused on Jesus, God’s goal for man. All the pressures and stresses of living, good and bad, bring us to Him. Daily victory is not gained by greater self-effort or disciplined discipleship; it is gained by Keeping the Focus on Jesus.

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Living the Abiding Life is an overview of Christian Life from the unique perspective of Abiding Life Ministries International discipleship training. It deals with why we behave like we do, and how thoughts and emotions control our lives. It deals with the struggle with being a Christian, trying to live a life that seems absolutely impossible. The good news is that this life is impossible! In the analogy of John 15, we are a branch that must be connected to the Vine. Without that connection, all living is futile. The answer is not in what the believer must do; the answer is in what we already have . . .  Jesus!

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Principles of Abiding - It is very easy to assume a snobbish facade in an endeavour to impress other believers with our spirituality: we use the right words, adopt attitudes and attend and seminars.  However, the Christian Life is not “doing,” it is “being!” In this CD series, Mike Wells speaks of fundamental Principles of Abiding - the purpose of obedience, understanding our uniqueness and how it affects our relationship with God and others, and looking at the difference between discipleship that is of the earth with that of heaven.

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Problems, God's Presence and Prayer - Christians have just as many problems as anyone else! We often compound these problems by imagining that such problems are God’s judgements for our misdeeds. This is especially true if our Christian life is dull and boring. Through Bible teaching and real life examples, we learn how a loving Father uses these problems to draw us into an incredible relationship that may otherwise elude us.

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Recognising God - There are many times in life when we feel that God just does not show up! For some, when God cannot be “felt” indicates the belief that they have been abandoned. In this CD series Michael Wells looks at a variety of situations where recognising God is crucial. These include such concepts as recognising God in suffering; recognising God in our daily living; recognising God in the Lord’s Supper; and recognising the Holy Spirit.

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Simple Foundations - The Christian Life is so simple that most people miss it. Legalism places the believer back into bondage; Religion brings death. The Christian life is simply described in Genesis 4:24, "Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him." How do we walk with God? Lose our image, and have the assurance that God accepts us.
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Suited for Abiding - Struggle reveals what is right with a believer. The very fact that we struggle against sin proves that we are not suited for sin.  We are often devastated when God shines the spotlight on areas of failure in our lives: but what God reveals, He heals. As we discover all that we are not suited for, we also discover more and more that we are Suited for Abiding.
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The Death of Religion - Religion killed Jesus. People, working hard for God to gain favour by God fired by those whose interests favoured religion rather than God, crucified Him. Then came Pentecost, and Pentecost killed religion. Religion today imposes a new set of commands on the people, manipulating and controlling to favour the interests of man rather than God. The Death of Religion introduces us again to Jesus, resident in the life of the believer, willing and wanting to lead His people into freedom. Religion still kills. Jesus is THE LIFE!

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The Living Word - Jesus is the Living Word. The Wise Men did not go to Bethlehem to worship a book; they worshiped the Person - the Word that became flesh.  He is not written in text, but in the very texture of our being. He is the Divine Glue that holds all things together, and proves Himself in every aspect of life.

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Time and Eternity - We live in Time, but are designed for Eternity. However, since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, our journey in Time has taken priority in our thinking. For many it is a fight for survival. It was after the resurrection of Jesus that a new awareness occurred - the recognition of God in an Eternal dimension of living, beginning now, through a personal relationship with Jesus. Time and Eternity looks at this dimension. Significantly, this series of CDs was only completed a short time before Dr Michael Wells himself left the dimension of Time and entered the realm of Eternity.

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Victory Through Abiding - It has been said, “The Christian Life is not difficult . . . its impossible!” That is true; and for many of us, years of slogging at being a Christian, facing defeat, frustration, anger at God, man and the devil accumulate in a very depressing faith. Having tried so hard to stand and not give in, Victory Through Abiding is water to the thirsty and hope to the defeated. It is the message from a man who has lived in failure and has discovered what it is to live in victory through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Abiding Life Basics -  This DVD set is the basic message the late Dr Michael Wells has been sharing around the world. Now encapsulated in 30 sessions each of approximately 30 minutes, it is ideal for home groups, church services and personal study. These resources are a must for those who want to be better equipped to share this incredible ministry of discipleship with others. 
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"BREAKING FREE. A great time to draw aside and focus on Jesus, with wonderful accommodation, food and explicit teaching. All leadership would benefit greatly from this course."
Lee. NSW

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