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Untold Stories & Unknown Saints

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Over two decades ago, Michael Wells was inspired by a thought: "In a lesser time in history, God used great men. However, in the greatest time in history, God used the weak man." This thought soon bacame an integral part of his calling. For the next twenty years, Michael would travel to the remote regions of the world to discover, minister with, and be ministered to by the weak.
Paul's statement that "Power is perfected in weakness" began to be proven to him, not only through observing believers in remote regions, but also through experience in his own life. God has a school in which the weak are prepared and trained to discover the power of God.
The school is not a seminary, Bible school, church class, or spectacular meeting; God's place of training is a bad marriage, rebellious children, repetitious habits, poverty, hunger, oppression, opposition, and every conceivable negative situation. God is only as big as a person's needs, and from great need is birthed faith in a greater God.
From his own travel journals, Michael shares with readers some personal stories of God's saints and the "natural" events that later revealed themselves to be quite supernatural.
Untold Stories and Unknown Saints is an inspiring look at the love of God operating in the lives of those whose stories might otherwise have remained hidden. Read along and discover that your own life is much more supernatural than you had imagined!  
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