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My Weakness for His Strength Volume One

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I would ask that those who read this book would begin to pray that they would be weaker Christians next year than they are this year. I have found it to be true that the wrong thing is said so long that it starts to sound right. The Christian faith is not in need of strong people but rather those that are weak. It has been proven that a Christian never fails at his point of weakness but at his point of strength. Weakness makes me aware that I am not God, there is a God, and I am in deep need of Him for my daily life. If Jesus said that apart from the Father He could do nothing, could any believer imagine himself in a stronger place than the one in which Christ found Himself? There is a misconception that if we give God our best, He will give us His best. Scripture does not support that notion. His strength is safeguarded in our weakness, just as His perfection is revealed in our imperfection.
This is a devotional book about the weakness of man and the strength of God that is revealed through it. It is written to encourage those who thought they were taken out but will discover they will be taken in. It is written to those who have been taken down to discover that God really wanted to bring them up. It is written to those who first abhorred the cross until they discovered the crown. My weakness for His strength is a concept that angels would long to understand. The Christian religion made by man sets standards that are impossible to keep, because success rests at the feet of man. You will not find a hint of religion in this book. The Christian faith, which centers in Jesus, not only acknowledges the weakness of man but reveals God's strength manifested through him. This book, My Weakness for His Strength, Volume 1, will make that case abundantly. Please enjoy as you discover that you are much better off than the "Christian religion" ever let you know.
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