RADIANCE: "The speakers touched on "heart issues" which brought a real challenge to look at myself how God sees me, and becoming more Christ-like as I travel the journey of life.
Coming to RADIANCE showed me that I needed to revalue my priorities and then showed me how to do this.
RADIANCE was an opportunity recommended to me by a friend when I was at a low - blessed that I came.
K.R. Qld
Mount Alford Lodge is excellent. Accommodation is welcoming and very comfortable. Congratulations. Leaders are friendly and approachable, and the meals are great.
I appreciate what was written. Especially talking about women. RADIANCE is so important. Thanks!
The fellowship is amazing.
J.H. Qld
Thank you to the leaders of RADIANCE. Your warmth and approachability meant a lot. Brilliant venue, framed by God's creation.
S.M. Qld.
I have attended BREAKING FREE before and each time I am reminded of the freedom we have in Jesus when we simply trust His promises.
Jan Q.
BREAKING FREE is a wonderful course to discover all that we are and have as a child of God, and the freedom that brings. It ignites a passion of sharing this good news.
B.H. Qld.
BREAKING FREE. A great time to draw aside and focus on Jesus, with wonderful accommodation, food and explicit teaching. All leadership would benefit greatly from this course.
Lee. NSW
If Church life no longer appeals or has gone stale, BRREAKING FREE will re-invigorate and enable you to refresh others
Jon Ventham, pastor.
I have been crying out to God to actually experience the abundant Life He spoke of. I believe that the BREAKING FREE teaching was His answer to my prayer.
B.J.R. Qld.
The spirit of unity prevailing during the weekend reminded me of the Triune Godhead reflecting one heart, purpose, mind . . . yielding to the other.
I.S. Qld
This weekend (RADIANCE) has been a wonderful time of learning and sharing.
K.C. Qld
I loved the weekend, and wished it could have been longer. Geoff really explained the simplicity behind Christianity.
J.S. Qld
The teaching (REGENERATE) has blessed me personally. Looking at things differently and entering into God's rest is freeing.
H.K. Qld
I am leaving here refreshed and motivated to spend more time at rest in God's presence when I return home.
J. Qld
I arrived depleted; I leave renewed in faith
S.I.C. Qld
Helped me to understand experientially the freedom Christ has given me.
Ian K. Qld
"Helped me to understand experientially the freedom Christ has given me."
Ian K. Qld

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