Abiding Life Discoveries Australia - January 2012

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Welcome to Mount Alford Lodge's first Newsletter for 2012; And it's the first Newsletter in the revised format, all made possible by the launch of our new website. Please check it out at www.mountalfordlodge.com.au, it looks great! Also please feel free to forward the Newsletter to a friend who may be interested. If you would prefer not to receive our Newsletter please unsubscribe using the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Our Newsletter usually consists of short articles of encouragement and inspiration, together with brief news and events happening here on the Mountain. This edition is a little different. The untimely passing of Dr Michael Wells has caused us to define our strategy and purpose. Much of this newsletter is about these issues.
We believe the establishment of Mount Alford Lodge was one of the "God-Events" in response to a question I asked Mike back in 1996. I said to Mike, "Your message is incredible! Have you thought of establishing a training centre where this message can be taught?" His reply: "Yes! Often! We are praying that God would raise up both the place and the people to do it!"
Unknown to us, while we were having that conversation, Mount Alford Lodge was in the process of being built . . . for another purpose!
by Geoff Hopson


The Moses Syndrome

"Moses My servant is dead. Arise therefore, and go over Jordan ....."
"Dr Michael Wells is dead!" The early-morning phone call from New Zealand with that tragic message left us with a sense of overwhelming loss.
Mike was one of three great men of God who has profoundly influenced me.
The first was A W Stephenson, Principal of the College where I did my theological training. For one hour every morning, that quiet, scholarly patriarch walked with us, verse-by-verse as he taught us from his Greek New Testament. As I grew older, his attitude and methodology was my inspiration.
The second influence was Bob Hobson, from the US.  He came as interim pastor to our church. I was in limbo, living with the sense of failure and defeat through burning out and quitting the ministry. That was 19 years earlier! That guy had something. He preached Jesus, and had a reality of the Lord Jesus living within. As I sat under him for 10 months, he kept saying, "When you know the reality of Jesus living within, you will never be the same." That reality grew, as a branch grafted into the vine, bringing a dimension of life and truth that has transformed my life. It was this transformation that connected me to Capernwray
The third influence was Dr Michael Wells. When I first met him, I was principal of Capernwray Torchbearers Bible School Australia. As I listened to, and talked with Mike, I saw a third dimension of life and ministry. Mike's ministry (Abiding Life Ministries International) is all about the "nuts and bolts" of life: why we behave like we do, why we fail, why we are defeated, why we can't cope . . . in fact, it deals with the mess that began in the Garden of Eden and will continue until the end of the age. Mike then pointed people to Jesus in a way that embraces the past, with grace and love in the present, and great hope for the future. All this is in the incredible redemptive work of the Lord Jesus at Calvary, and His present-tense presence totally available to every believer. This does not happen by striving; it comes through abiding.
Mike has passed on into glory but his insights and inspiration are planted in the hearts of hundreds, yea thousands, of people around the world.
We, here at Mount Alford Lodge, are committed to this task.

by Geoff Hopson


Abiding Life Discoveries Australia

"Life Discoveries" is the ministry platform of Mount Alford Lodge. The primary purpose of our ministry has always been to encourage people in their journey of discovery, so that those who participate will grow in understanding of their identity in Christ. "Abiding Life Ministries International" has provided a working process to discovering that a life centred in Jesus is fundamental in fulfilling human existence. God brought these two ministries together through what had become a rich friendship between Dr Michael Wells and Geoff Hopson.
While we had all been looking forward to Mike's extended visit to Australia in 2012, this clearly wasn't in God's plan. We have come to realise however, that through Mike, God has equipped and blessed many people. It is now our time to allow God to carry the message forward through our continuing ministry. We are excited by what lies ahead and thankful to God for Mike's life and for His ministry through Mike.
There are a number of new initiatives that we are scheduling for 2012/13. These will be rolled out in more detail as the year progresses.
Geoff Hopson will be travelling to different regions of Australia making contact with those who have been blessed by the Abiding Life Ministry and teaching when the opportunity arises. Our hope is that this will provide a time of fellowship and encouragement to those in regional areas.
We are also hoping to launch video conferencing to provide regular contact with those studying Abiding Life resources and those who may be seeking further explanations of some of the concepts.
In 2013 we will be introducing some additional seminars. Some of these will come under our "Resonate" programme and will focus on further teaching on individual concepts from the "Breaking Free" seminars.
2013 will also see our first "ABITAS" (Abiding Life Inspiration, Training and Sharing) which will provide a 5 day gathering for those who seek to be further equipped to share with others.
In 2012 we will continue with our popular "Breaking Free" sessions, our retreat for women "Women2Women", and "Foundations", an inspirational weekend of foundational Bible Teaching. The schedule for these events can be viewed on our website by clicking "Life Discoveries" , then "Dates". Come along and join us for some of these events and stay tuned for further announcements.
As Geoff recently shared, "Dr Michael Wells has played a major role in the development of Life Discoveries. Since his death, our heart is that this ministry be given the opportunity to expand in Australia".
As we move forward in 2012, we encourage you to be in prayer for the Ministry and your possible involvement in it.  

Geoff Visiting NSW

Geoff Hopson will be visiting Moss Vale, Nowra and Sydney regions between Sunday 11 and Saturday 16 March, 2012. If you would like to catch up with him and/or would like him to speak with your home group or Church, please email him on geoff@mountalfordlodge.com.au . Geoff is looking forward to this as a time of teaching and encouragement. 



Twitter Now Live

You can now follow us on twitter. Go to www.twitter.com/MtAlfordLodge and search for Mount Alford Lodge then subscribe to our Twitters. We will be sending out small inspiring thoughts on a regular basis.



"We are sons of the most high, and once we understand who we are, we need no longer work to be that."

Mike Wells


A Day in the Country

Late in 2011 a group of intrepid travellers (pictured below) from Southport Church of Christ ventured into the "wilds" of the Scenic Rim to visit us on the mountain at Mount Alford Lodge.

They had a relaxing time, were fed and watered, then boarded their coach and departed just ahead of a storm that was approaching over the Border Ranges. They stayed dry and safe and were returned to Southport without mishap. Groups such as this are always welcome at Mount Alford Lodge.


A Recent Visitor

You never know who you will meet at Mount Alford Lodge. This cute little fellow was seen sunning him/herself late one afternoon.