My Weakness for His Strength!

In this second volume of Michael Wells' daily articles, much that he shares arose from discipleship sessions with defeated and/or discouraged believers. Therefore, some themes invariably repeat, although in his inimitable way, new ways of looking at those issues are evident each time they are presented. The Lord Jesus continued to give him revelation and fresh new insights into how to share simply - in ways suited for the very feeblest believers - just how magnificent, infinite, and gracious a God we serve, a Lord merciful and compassionate toward our weakness and loving us so uniquely as teh individuals He has created us to be. Michael wanted every one of us to see that we have the revelation of Christ within, to understand that He is the positive in all our negatives, and to believe that we have a God. This book contains further encouragement for the realization of Christ in us, teh hope of glory.
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"Thank you to the leaders of RADIANCE. Your warmth and approachability meant a lot. Brilliant venue, framed by God's creation."
S.M. Qld.

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