Transforming Marriage - DVD Available Now!

The destruction of marriage is a critical issue in every level of society. In the ensuing pain and confusion, many attempt to resolve the situation by examining and repairing the issues. This is most difficult.
Transforming Marriage goes to the core of the problem. Dr Michael Wells has counselled thousands of couples all over the globe. These eight precise insights explain the "why" of marriage failure and the "how" of transformation to what marriage is intended to be.
Transforming Marriage is an excellent tool for those intending marriage and to all those who are married. It is also a valuable asset to those who stand on the sidelines in helplessness not knowing what to do.
Best of all it offers a way that can work.
Disc 1:1 Understanding Abiding (19:43 min)
Disc 1:2 The Inner and Outer Life (23:04 min)
Disc 1:3 Emotional Divorce (14:22 min)
Disc 1:4 The Cross and Marriage (18:59 min)
Disc 2:1 Behaviour and Desire (19:31 min)
Disc 2:2 Defeat (24:15 min)
Disc 2:3 The New Marriage (19:09 min)
Disc 2:4 Affairs (7:24 min)
Transforming Marriage is a series of reproduced video footage from the ALMI Basic Seminar DVD. Each unit is formatted in 16.9 widescreen with full-colour graphics. It was produced at Mount Alfrofd Lodge, Queensland, Australia.
Cost: $20.00




"BREAKING FREE is a wonderful course to discover all that we are and have as a child of God, and the freedom that brings. It ignites a passion of sharing this good news."
B.H. Qld.

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