About Us

Our Purpose:
To provide a place where the weary can find rest and the discouraged and defeated can find reality. This is being achieved through Mount Alford Lodge and our ministry Life Discoveries. However we are also delighted that we can share these wonderful facilities with individuals and groups who wish to stay and enjoy the serene environment.
Ownership and Management: 
Mount Alford Lodge is managed by two familes and supported by volunteers who share the dream and purpose.
Geoff and Beryl Hopson: Geoff is involved with the Life Discoveries ministry and much of the administration. Recently retired from fulltime ministry as a Church Pastor and before that as Principal of Capernwary Torchbearers Bible School in Australia, he is passionately focused as his dream of many years evolves. Geoff is also Director of Abiding Life Ministries International Centre of Advanced Training and an Australian Field Representative of Capernwray Torchbearers Australia. Geoff and his wife Beryl live onsite at Mount Alford Lodge. Beryl works in the background in all things from housekeeping to gardening and especially as "nana-extraordinaire" with the grand children.
Phil and Wendy Bell: Phil was previously a Manager in the family plumbing business on the Sunshine Coast. Wanting a change of direction and lifestyle, he and his wife Wendy (Geoff and Beryl's daughter) became involved in Mount Alford Lodge. Phil oversees and is involved in the development and maintenance of the property. The shared goal is to have a quality facility in a park-like environment, suiting this beautiful location and all reflecting the wonder and majesty of God. Phil works offsite to provide for his family. Wendy is hostess, preparer-of-delicious-meals and general overall supervisor of interior design. She is also devoted mum to their two children. Phil and Wendy and their children also live onsite at the Lodge.
Mount Alford Lodge Christian Conference Centre is the trading name of ALMICC Limited, a public company limited by guarantee and registered in Queensland, Australia. As such it is a non-profit organization and is a registered charity with the Australian Tax Office (ABN 98 093 264 405).
"Coming to RADIANCE showed me that I needed to revalue my priorities and then showed me how to do this."

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