Mount Alford Lodge is the fulfilment of a dream; a dream that God would provide a place where the weary could find rest and the discouraged could find reality. 
The dream was that of a Pastor who burnt out after 7 years in the ministry. He was totally disillusioned, frustrated and angry with God, with no money, no house and no trade or "profession" (apart from the ministry). But with his wife and a 3-month-old baby, he found work and then went into business in order to survive. 
Twenty-three years later, having discovered that the Lord Jesus is still alive, still able to build His church and is still in the business of transforming lives, Geoff Hopson returned to fulltime ministry. He now says, "over the next 13 years, it was as if i was on the sidelines seeing God at work." This included being Dean of Students and later Principal of a Bible School (5 years), Senior Pastor in a country church (8 years) and Senior Ministry Advisor in a large multi-ministry church on the Gold Coast (11 months). Over the latter 6 years, Geoff and his wife and family, saw God unfold the "place" of the dream before their eyes. 
Now retired from formal ministry, Geoff is fully focused on this exciting vision as he continues to "watch from the sidelines" as God works in the lives of His people. The added bonus is that he is able to live in the "most beautiful place in south-east Queensland, Mount Alford Lodge!". Located on the foothills of Mt Alford just 100kms from Brisbane and 15kms from Boonah, the Lodge enjoys magnificent views to both the Border Ranges and the Great Divide. It is a boutique conference facility, offering comfortable en-suite accommodation, excellent fully catered hospitality, in a superb 59 hectare rural environment. 
The "Mountain of Miracles" is something that only God could do!
"Thank you to the leaders of RADIANCE. Your warmth and approachability meant a lot. Brilliant venue, framed by God's creation."
S.M. Qld.

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