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If you would like to bring your home group or other small group to Mt Alford but would like someone else to minster to you, we would be happy to present Christ centred topical sessions that will challenge yet encourage you in your Christian walk. Following are some examples of what we could provide. 
Eureka! - There's Gold in that Book! 
It is not only important that we read the Bible, it is also important that we know how to read it! These few hours in basic hermeneutics will give some practical tools and skills in making the Book come alive. 
Studying the Bible does not have to be an arduous, difficult task. Rather it can become an exciting time of anticipation and joy. When we personally interact with Scripture, we are personally interacting with God Himself. And He still rewards those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). 
"Eureka" will help us to explore the wonders of God as He has revealed Himself in His Word. 
"Eureka" will provide
  • Basic tools to help unlock the Scriptures
  • Hands-on practical experience in shared learning times
  • Workshop manual with notes and work-pages 
Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries says, "the main requirement in learning to study the Bible inductively is the willingness to slow down and really look at what the Scripture is saying." Like a jigsaw, we search for the pieces, gradually seeing a bigger picture emerge before our eyes. 
As churches struggle to come to terms with cultural change, it is imperative that any redirection in church thinking be firmly based on Biblical truth. 
"Eureka" is a very interactive weekend. Presenter, Geoff Hopson, a retired pastor, businessman and former Bible School principal, will tell of his journey in inductive Bible study and explain some of the principles involved. Most of the time will be hands-on interactive learning both collectively and in smaller groups. We do not embarrass people; Mount Alford Lodge is a  non-threatening, encouraging environment where people are treated with respect and dignity. 
"Eureka" is a great common-sense weekend of discovery. It will greatly assist the local pastor, lay preacher, youth leader, and anyone who wants to get serious with God. 
"Foundations" is a weekend in the country, with competent, experienced Bible teachers sharing their lives and understanding of the Scriptures in relational and practical living. 
We spend much time and money in laying foundations for our lives and the lives of our children - foundations in family, education, business, social environment and security for the future. Yet when it comes to living, our foundations are often extremely insecure and very flimsy! 
The Bible describes Jesus Christ as the "Rock." That's a great foundation - something on which to build. 
Mount Alford Lodge through its programmes "Life Discoveries", is committed to assisting both the Christian believer and those who want to believe, to build life on the foundation of Jesus. 
This is more than a presentation of information, it is imparting life, for that which is true will also lead to the Truth - Jesus, the Author of Scripture. 
We can assure you of an exciting, inspiring and informal weekend, of great fellowship and relaxation. We will discuss the programme with you so that it best meets your needs. 
Born to be Wild
Within in the inner nature of some is a streak that wants to break out! The church of today is often characterised by "nice people dressed in nice clothes doing nice things!" Such people often live in nice houses in a nice suburb. Some who are born and reborn to be nice, often feel they are born to be wild - to get out and do something different! 
Here at Mount Alford Lodge, we live in the centre of the Great South-East of Queensland. The Border Ranges provide excellent playgrounds to experience the very best of outdoor adventure. As part of Life Discoveries, we utilise this environment to bring together people of common interests for weekends of adventure, fellowship and the exposure to the eternal truths of God in the midst of His awesome creation.
"Born to be Wild" midweek and weekend programmes will include: 
Four Wheel Driving: with enthusiastic locals who will leave participants sharing stories for years. If you have a group of 4WD enthusiasts at your Church who would like to be challenged by day but retreat to the comfort of the Lodge by night, this is the programme for you. These energetic guys will share their love of four wheel driving and their favourite tracks.
The Best of the Great Outdoors: right on our doorstep! Imagine a weekend that could include fully guided abseiling, mountaineering, rock climbing, canoeing, and mountain bike excursions. Local highly trained and accredited guides will work with you to achieve feats you have only previously dreamed about.
Out on the track, around the campfire, or at Mount Alford Lodge in the evenings, our team will lead encouraging discussions that will motivate and challenge you to be "wild of heart" in your Christian walk. 
These programmes are designed to stretch participants and take them outside of their comfort zone and to bring them into a greater dependency on God's endless love and grace. For many this will be a life changing experience. With most events, no prior experience is required, however participants must be a minimum age of 18 years of age and of reasonable fitness. 
Breaking Free
This is actually one of main programmes, however we are prepared to present it exclusively for your group. 
"Breaking Free" is designed to help the believer be the person God intended us to be. God did not intend us to live in defeat and failure. Rather than experiencing the abundant life promised, many believers only know of perpetual misery. 
"Breaking Free" is the ministry of Abiding Life Ministries International founded by Dr Michael Wells, Colorado, USA. Mike says; 
"Many Christians live today in defeat.
The cause is not that believers have lost the formula, lost their Bibles or even followed the wrong path. The problem is that we have lost the relationship with the Person, Jesus. 
In order for true discipleship to occur, two things must happen: 
1. A foundation must be laid whereby Christ as a solution will make sense. 
2. The understanding must be made clear how Christ can deliver today. 
Salvation cannot only be reserved for heaven; we must also appropriate it for now for deliverance from the daily hell experienced by so many." 
"Breaking Free" is based on research gained from counselling thousands of people around the world. It is a Bible based weekend workshop. It is intensive, non-threatening, informative, offering hope to the very weakest and it could change your life! 
"This weekend (RADIANCE) has been a wonderful time of learning and sharing. "
K.C. Qld

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