Abiding Life

Abiding Life Ministries International (ALMI) was founded as a discipleship ministry wherein the members of the body of Christ could be trained to minister effectively to defeated believers and unbelievers.
In the analogy of John 15, the branch can only bear fruit when it abides in the Vine. There is no struggle, programme or manipulation; it is a natural consequence of abiding in the Vine. 
The world-wide ministry of ALMI founded by the late Dr Michael Wells, has reached into over 150 countries across 90 denominations, sharing the profound simplicity of abiding in Christ.
All training is designed to provide tools to equip others who want to share Jesus. It differs from other "training programmes" in that ALMI starts with what the believer already has. Every believer has Jesus, yet few have discovered that this truth will set them free. ALMI gives practical insights in this discovery of freedom.
The foundational teaching can be gained through the "Breaking Free" sessions. More advanced training will be conducted as the demand arises. Keep an eye on our website for the advertised dates.   
"I appreciate what was written. Especially talking about women. RADIANCE is so important. Thanks!"

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